Hello Sandra, 

Thank you for all your help in our first home buying experience I would recommend you to anyone as you are honest and personable and we hope that you, Joe and I can get this deal. Thanks again 

- Mike and Joe

Dawn Is the best. She helped me work out deals with sellers and I'm very pleased with her professionalism. 

- Frank Lepard, New Mexico

In Spite of the fact it took us about 4 months to find and finish the purchase (of our new home), it was the most pleasant time my wife and I have ever had in buying a home. To date in our marriage of 34 years, we have owned 6 homes, two of those we built, four were pre-existing structures. This experience had one major ingredient, far and away better than other; Realtors, we have worked with; Mike Anderson. 

Communicating with Mike was like talking with an old friend. His knowledge of Real Estate law was first rate. His knowledge of the market was also excellent. He had no trouble responding to numerous sources for information that I requested. I am disabled and do not leave the home without assistance. So Mike was, in this case, my link to the outside world. When my wife and I would find a home we wished to see, he would push me around the home tour in my wheelchair. At the risk of sounding redundant; working with Mike was like working with a trusted old friend. We do trust him implicitly.  

Thank you for having a person on your staff like Mike Anderson. I will continue to relate my positive experience with Mike Anderson and Premier Properties, to all who will listen. I will gladly pass out your office phone number as well as Mike's cell phone number. We love our new home, it was the right price, right location, with all the amenities we had asked for. Finding our home took a great deal of personal involvement, knowledge, patients, and guidance. Mike had it all and found our dream. Thank you Mike. 

- Brien Richards Kingman, Arizona

I have been working with Dawn Brannies for over two years trying to sell the same house due to this upside down real estate market. The house was on the market via the usual method but as the year progressed the market values plummeted to the point that the house became 50% under water. Then we did a "short sale" for over a year of back and forth discussions with banks only to see it fail at the last minute due to the 2nd mortgage holder not wanting to settle for the usual amount. We are currently working on another short sale deal and hopefully it will be over very soon. Dawn - my real estate agent, my negotiator, the buyers and their agent, as well as myself continue to be hopeful that all will be resolved soon. All involved should be congratulated due to extreme patience and unwillingness to throw in the the towel. Thank you Dawn for continuing to strive for your client(s).

- Kim Roberts

I am writing in regards to Sandra Gaumond. I have never dealt with a Real Estate person as devoted as she is. I also had a Real Estate license in California and I would recommend her highly for anyone. 

Sandra, thank you for everything. You bent over backwards for me and when I cash this check, I will be sending you a thank you!

- Cheryl Olsen

We just settled this week in Bullhead, the rent is a little more than we wanted to pay, but that's life, huh? If we ever decide to buy instead of rent, we sure will give you a call. You are one of the best real estate people we have worked with. Thanks again.

- Dick & Jean


Just a little something to show our appreciation. We thank you for a very smooth closing and for being so helpful. Thanks for everything!

- The Adams Family


Thank you for all the hard work you did on the sale of my house. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. My prayers and best wishes are for you.

Merry Christmas, 



Thank you so much for your hard work and help in our search. I appreciate your expertise and thoughtfulness. You have done a great job. Thank you! You are AWESOME!

- Rodney

I just can thank you enough for all you've done. You were there with a helping hand just when I need it most... ready to pitch in and do whatever you could. You gave me something very special - your time - and I'll always remember you for it. Thank you.

Thank you for everything you have done for us and for all your patience. It was a long process but we're finally here. Yay! Thank you.

- Josh

Thank you for all that you've done to help us through this whole process. I know it's been a long trail but you stuck by us this whole time. I really appreciate all the care that you put into helping us. 

- Becca

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I moved here from Colorado and knew nothing about the area. I explained to Sandra what I was looking for (neighborhood, what exactly I was looking for in a new home, price range, convenience etc.). Sandra only showed me homes that fit my requirements. Once I found what I was looking for, she handled negotiations very professionally. She was excellent in helping with the inspection and working with my lender. She always kept me informed at all times. Have bought and sold many homes in my lifetime and feel she is the best agent I have ever worked with. To this day, 5 months after settlement, I feel I can contact her about any question I may have(which I have done) and she will be as responsive as she was when I was looking for a home. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND SANDRA TO ANYONE LOOKING TO BUY OR SELL A HOME.

Sandra was a pleasure to deal with! She is pro active and very motivated in selling homes. We would see her after dark filling the info box. If that info box is empty one wrong time, it could mean a sale loss. We would highly recommend her. Steve and Joy Rossi

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